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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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All video items about Waterstudio.NL

Floating Theater Lyon

Nippon TV Japan – Future Floating City

VRT – Belgium TV -Maldives Floating City

Waterstudio guest at Arte hd

Waterstudio on Korean television

Viens chez moi j’habite…une maison flottante !

The Netherlands is building entire neighborhoods that float on water

Alles im Fluss Leben auf dem Hausboot Dokumentation ZDFmediathek ZDF Mediathek short version

Floating City App Bangladesh Netherlands Collaboration

Final test for Floating City App before it is shipped to Bangladesh

DW euromaxx features Koen Olthuis Waterstudio

Future Mag Arte

Earthrise Dutch Aquatecture Engineering a Future on the Water

Drowning Planet

Weather Gone Wild features Koen Olthuis

Building for the future featuring Koen Olthuis

NDR Nordsee report Wohnen am Wasser

Watervilla in Aalsmeer

Floating City Apps in Uganda

Introduction of Waterstudio’s City Apps to King and Queen of the Netherlands


Architectes sur mer

ARTE l’apocalypse features Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL

Dutch Design: Waterstudio’s watervilla in IJburg

Hong Kong television features Waterstudio.NL

Extreme houseboats features Waterstudio’s villa Kortenhoef

Upgrading Wetslums, Part I: Meet The Clients

Floating Vision Koen Olthuis

Venice Biennale, “The Dutch Way” interview Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

Developer floats new technology complex idea

Das Neue Wasser mit Architekt Koen Olthuis – Deutsche Version

Architect Koen Olthuis and the New Water project English version

ONW nieuws Architect Koen Olthuis about building the New Water project

Architects Float Answers to Rising Sea Levels

Radio 1 features Koen Olthuis

bbc radio

Schwimmende Städte

Floating Golf Course

New Water, the depolderisation

Supreme Master TV features Koen Olthuis Waterstudio

French Radio features Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

TV Makelaar features Waterstudio’s Watervilla De Hoef

Building a floating house, showing the concept of construction

Sanlih TV Taiwan features Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL

Sanlih TV Taiwan features Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

DA AI TV Taiwan features Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

Au Quotidien features Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

5-TV Russia features Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

Traverse Het Nieuwe Water Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL

Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL on Russian Documentary

Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL on Russian television

Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL on WDR ARD

Citadel Waterstudio

Floating City

Floating quarter Amsterdam Waterstudio.NL

Cruiseterminal Waterstudio.NL

Floating and rotating tower

Watervilla de Hoef Up and Down Waterstudio.NL

Watervilla London Waterstudio.NL

Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL on Floating cities drift in from future

Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL on NPR

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