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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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Floating City

New Water (Het Nieuwe Water) will be a benchmark project in Dutch water-management developments. The artificially maintained water level of this former polder, measuring approximately 2,5km by 500m (70ha), will be raised to bosom-level, creating a site that will not only act as a regional contingency water storage area, but also hosts a multitude of water-related developments including 1200 dwellings. The first project of the New Water will be the apartmentcomplex Citadel. Ecological, recreational and residential demands are integrated into a landscape that is organized into different thematic compartments , each offering a specific experience of the water, specific building typologies, and a range of different ecological habitats, in the ecological zone there will be the stilthouses they are free from the floor so they don’t effect the zone. Architect Koen Olthuis

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