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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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Koen Olthuis as Keynote speaker at the 1st symposium of design for living with water

“A drop of water,
if it could write out its own history,
would explain the universe to us.”
Lucy Larcom

Water is the main life source for human being starting from birth. Throughout the history this vital element effected every field of life as well as the discipline of architecture and design, which have the mission to create comfortable and livable spaces for human. It is observed that apart from alternative living spaces to terrestrial architecture in traditional forms, during the recent years, the studies which include the analysis as to space hotels, floating spaces and effects of spatial characteristics of pole stations on the users have increased. One of the reasons for this, is that people’s need for alternative living spaces and resources has come up. The association of the concept of human-space-water is being considered together more frequent day by day.

In Recent years there is a growing focus on living with water due to the extreme climate changes, rising density, economical trends and sustainability problems. Scientist and futurists from all over the world are indicating the solutions for living with water and predict that the relationship between human and water will increase. Not only the countries which have the risk of flood, or rising sea levels, but also the other countries which has the probability of effecting by the climate changes are taking into consideration water based solutions. Also the flow of the capital and changing human life style requirements show us the water as an alternative living space.

Although the concept of living with water seems revolutionary the human relation with water is not a new trend. In the scope of this symposium, different integration types of water to spaces from the vernacular models to floating homes wil be discussed. As a respond to the world’s sustainability problems, from both economical, socio – cultural and also the ecological, we need to understand the importance of living with water. As the designers and engineers of the “climate change generation” we have the responsility to look at the past, present and the future and ask the opportunities of water that we could apply, inform and transform to our designs.

We invite designers, architects, engineers, sociologists, students and everyone who feel the need creating solutions sensitive to climate change and for sustainable future of the world on particulary design with water.


Koen Olthuis was one of the Keynote speakers of this 1st symposium hosted in Istanbul.

Click here for the website

Koen Olthuis as keynote speaker for Plan-B at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Koen Olthuis was one of the keynote speakers at the discussion at PlanB at Pakhuisdezwijger.  He mentioned the Arkup as one of the answers on rising seas in this experst discussion “solutions for sealevelrise”.

The sea level is rising. Although the Dutch have been used to fighting water for centuries and are experts in raising dikes and constructing world-famous delta works, we must also discuss the other scenario. Given that international climate agreements are failing, can we still keep the water out in the future? And if not, are we prepared for that?

Koen Olthuis @ Pakhuis de Zwijger

Click here for the website and program of Pakhuis de Zwijger

3rd International Conference on Amphibious Architecture, Design and Engineering


Koen Olthuis will be a keynote speaker at the ICAADE Conference on Amphibious Architecture, Design and Engineering.

The International Conference on Amphibious Architecture, Design and Engineering (ICAADE) 2019 will bring together researchers, practitioners, authorities, students, NGOs, communities, and investors to discuss amphibious construction. Amphibious construction allows otherwise-ordinary structures to temporarily float in-place when flooding occurs.

ICAADE is an international conference held every two years, with the 2015 edition in Bangkok, Thailand followed by 2017 in Waterloo, Canada.

This year’s conference will focus on the land-water dichotomy. In amphibious design and resilience practices, it is critical to consider the interplay of natural, technological, and human interactions. With shifting perspectives, this conference reflects on shifting boundaries and water levels.

With the keynote speeches, plenary sessions, poster presentations, and workshops, ICAADE aims to create effective discussion, promote the sharing of ideas, and foster future collaborations.

Keynote speakers include:
Koen Olthuis / Waterstudio.NL
Richard Coutts / Baca Architects, UK

Abstracts for papers and oral presentations are currently being accepted.
Early bird registration is available through July 15.

For more information, please visit the ICAADE website.

  • Title
    3rd International Conference on Amphibious Architecture, Design and Engineering

  • Type

  • Organizers

  • From
    October 13, 2019 09:00 AM

  • Until
    October 16, 2019 05:00 PM

  • Venue
    Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

  • Address
    ul. Koszykowa 55, Warsaw, Poland


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OceanBuilder Home for sale

In colaboration with OceanBuilders, Waterstudio designed the OceanBuilder home.

The new OceanBuilder home will be taller, wider and have much more living space than the prototype version with living space above and below the waves.

Rooms below the water will allow for underwater views from your plexiglass windows. With coralcrete growth along the exterior of the spar you will be able to enjoy the many fish and other wildlife thrive below the water from the comfort of your own home.

Either a spiral staircase or elevator will take you from the top floor to the floors down below.

The interior will be made up of three floors with a simple transition from one to the other. The bottom floor being a livingroom area with a perfect view of the sea.

The middle floor provides the entrance to your home with a walk out deck area with either a kitchen for the owner’s model or bar for short stay models.

The top floor combines the bedroom and bathroom area with a spectacular view to wake up to every morning.

Your OceanBuilder home is the ultimate in tranquility and connection with nature in this sea based habitat of your dreams.

Koen Olthuis as speaker at Batibouw Brussels

Koen Olthuis  shared Waterstudio’s vision of  ‘The Rise Of The Blue City’ at Batibouw Brussels.


By Batibouw

Op donderdag 21 februari reikt BATIBOUW opnieuw de Belgian Building Awards uit. Tijdens een galadiner, met architect Koen Olthuis als keynote speaker, worden de winnaars bekendgemaakt van vijf architectenawards en één innovation award. De Belgian Building Awards prijzen de realisaties van architecten, bouwheren, studiebureaus en aannemingsbedrijven. BATIBOUW organiseeert dit evenement in samenwerking met redactiebureau Palindroom, de Orde van Architecten, en magazine Ik ga Bouwen & Renoveren.


Tiny Watersuites presented on BootHolland

By Waterstudio
Photo credits: Waterstudio


The Tiny Watersuites, our new product, are presented at the Boot Holland Conference. These movable suites are unique and provide an amazing experience.

More information about the suites can be found at the website

First floating duplex-house Schoonschip arrived at its location in Amsterdam

Schoonschip, the new and sustainable floating neighborhood in Amsterdam is now filling up with the waterhomes. A lot of different designers and architects brought here their concepts to live. Waterstudio was happy to help 4 families with realizing their dreams of living beyond the waterfront. A fantastic time lapse video was shot by Isabel Nabuurs Productie. This show the arrival and mooring of the first structures.

Click here for the video



Nu in de verkoop: 7 royale drijvende watervilla’s in Urk

Dit type is heel ruim, met maar liefst 5 slaapkamers, een royale badkamer en separaat toilet.
Deze waterwoning meet 15 x 6m.
Aanpasbaar aan uw eigen woonwensen. U kunt van twee slaapkamers bijvoorbeeld een grotere maken.
Koopsom vanaf € 343,750,- v.o.n.
(inclusief o.a. waterkavel en landgrond, vrijstaande berging, twee parkeerplaatsen op eigen terrein, stelpost sanitair en tegelwerk t.w.v. € 1,500,- incl. BTW)
Een drijvend terras is optioneel, max. 18 m2. Ook een “uitkragend terras” is een optie, max. 1,5 m lange en 6 m breed.
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