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Bison Maldives has signed a contract with Dutch Docklands Maldives to construct the first homes in the Floating City.

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Maldives Floating City - Waterstudio

Bison Maldives inked a deal with Dutch Docklands Maldives yesterday to build the first residences in Maldives Floating City. A new, floating complex of 5,000 homes being built in a lagoon five minutes by speedboat from Male’.

The first residences will allow visitors to tour the site and get a firsthand look at the future housing complex.

The Maldives Floating City employs cutting-edge technology from the Netherlands, where engineers have constructed floating housing projects. The 5,000 dwelling units will be connected and tied to the lagoon floor to provide a secure and comfortable environment.

The first residences will be completed after Ramadan, and public tours will begin shortly thereafter. The dwellings are being built locally, according to standards provided by Dutch engineers.

Bison Maldives is a significant resort development firm situated in the Maldives. Bison Maldives has over two decades of building expertise. They has created luxury resorts such as Cocoon Maldives, You & Me by Cocoon, and properties for the Atmosphere group.

“Bison Maldives is happy to be part of this ground-breaking housing project. And we look forward to delivering the first residences on schedule,” stated Abdul Majeed, Founder and Managing Director of Bison. Maldives Floating City director Ibrahim Riyaz commented on the contract signing, saying, “We are pleased to begin the physical building of Maldives Floating City. Following months of arduous legal and technical work to prepare for this world class and inexpensive housing complex.” I’m excited to take members of the public to the first residences to view the project for themselves. “Seeing is believing in such an inventive development

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