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Maldives Floating City, a benchmark for vibrant communities

For centuries, native people from Asia to the Americas have made their lives on the water. Whether perched atop lakes, in streams, the ocean or the sea, far-sighted pioneers have worked with the waves to support their families, homes and communities. Contemporary property developers have long eyed the planet’s unique “floating islands” – envying them for their utility, ingenuity and sustainability. But translating these local dwellings into modern, scalable, commercially-viable real estate has always appeared beyond reach. Until now. This month Waterstudio – in coorperation with Netherlands-based Dutch Docklands and the Government of The Maldives – reveals plans for Maldives Floating City (MFC).

The location

Set in a warm-water lagoon 10 minutes by boat from the Maldivian capital, Male, and Male International Airport. This first-of-its-kind “island city” offers a revolutionary approach to modern sustainable living perched against a backdrop of the azure Indian Ocean . It’s the world’s first true floating island city – a futuristic dreamscape finally poised to become reality. In development for more than a decade, MFC will feature thousands of residences. All waterfront, floating along a flexible, functional grid across a 200-hectare lagoon.


Inspired by traditional Maldivian sea-faring culture and developed in close cooperation with Maldivian authorities. MFC homes will eventually be joined by hotels, restaurants, stylish boutiques and a world-class marina. Maldives Floating City is the first of its kind across the globe – developed to equally embrace sustainability and livability. While attempts at floating cities have been tried before, none have featured MFC’s most compelling selling points: Full-scale technical, logistical and legal expertise. By partnering with the Government of the Maldives, MFC not only offers the most. Dutch Docklands Maldives Government of Maldives ambitious architectural planning available. But also a world-class ownership structure that is transparent, value-driven and legally-binding.

For more information about the project, have a look on the website.

also have a look on our media page, with more information about this project.

Client: Dutch Docklands Maldives
Realization: in progress
Expertise: Urban Planning

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