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Watervilla Kanaalweg Rotterdam

This floating house is a split-level home that demonstrates our proficiency in contemporary design. This dwelling, measuring 6×18.5 meters, is a remarkable example of our mastery in this field.

The house’s exterior showcases a harmonious combination of sleek and rustic elements. The white steel cladding evokes a modern feel, while the locally-sourced blank wood accents on the water-facing side provide a touch of warmth and texture. The aluminum window frames contribute a polished and contemporary finish to the design.

Moving this home to its current location was a complex undertaking, as two low-lying concrete bridges presented a challenge for the transportation process. In response, a distinctive solution was developed: dismantling the roof and transporting it separately via special transport over the road. Subsequently, the roof was reassembled on the other side of the bridge, allowing the remainder of the home to be positioned.

The split-level design of this home facilitates a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, optimizing the beautiful surroundings. The employment of high-quality materials and modern aesthetics ensure that this residence epitomizes luxury living

Client: Private
Realization: June 2022
Expertise: Architecture

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