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Arkup 40 Livable Yacht

Discover the perfect fusion of luxury, sustainability, and freedom on the water with Arkup 40. This groundbreaking project pushes the boundaries of design and reimagines contemporary living, seamlessly integrating interior and exterior spaces.

Seamless Integration of Interior and Exterior Spaces

Step inside Arkup 40 and experience its awe-inspiring 2.3-meter panoramic impact windows. These windows effortlessly connect you with the captivating water and sky vistas, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. Through optimal space utilization, Arkup 40 ensures a spacious and inviting atmosphere, even on the open seas.

Unmatched Rooftop Experience

Immerse yourself in a 360° rooftop setting, from sunrise to sunset, and indulge in an idyllic space for entertainment, relaxation, and pure enjoyment. With customizable options such as nautical decking, a summer kitchen, or a rejuvenating hot tub, you can truly personalize your outdoor experience. Every moment spent on Arkup 40’s rooftop will be unforgettable.

Pioneering Sustainable Technology

Choose the Solar-Electric Edition of Arkup 40, an affordable and environmentally friendly vessel equipped with advanced technologies to minimize your ecological footprint. By harnessing solar energy and incorporating eco-conscious systems, Arkup 40 stands as a testament to sustainable innovation. Furthermore, the base model is specifically designed for stationary use, ensuring a seamless connection to shore power and enhancing overall environmental efficiency.

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Living

Arkup 40’s folding deck options, crafted from durable polypropylene and powered by hydraulic motorized systems, seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living. Whether you desire moments of relaxation or engaging in sports activities, these versatile decks offer the perfect space for you to connect with the water in a profound and immersive way. The serenity of the aquatic environment awaits as you enjoy the generous dimensions of Arkup 40’s decks.

Uncompromised Safety and Stability

Safety and stability are paramount on the water, and Arkup 40 has you covered. With its motorized retractable pilings, known as spuds, you can choose between free floating or enhanced stability with four spuds. This choice guarantees a secure and comfortable voyage, allowing you to relax and enjoy the surroundings with complete peace of mind.

Create Your Floating Oasis

Unleash your creativity by combining up to four units of Arkup 40, each with its own unique floor plan. The possibilities are endless as you create your exclusive floating island experience. Whether you are captivated by the allure of Diamond Island with its central pool or seek panoramic views and secluded privacy with the Star Island design, Arkup 40 offers the canvas for your dreams to become a reality.

Tailor Your Dream Yacht

Personalize your Arkup 40 with additional options to match your desires. Our configurator empowers you to create your dream liveable yacht, allowing you to select from a range of options that align with your lifestyle preferences. Embrace the epitome of comfort, luxury, and an exclusive water lifestyle tailored to your unique vision.

Embark on an Extraordinary Living Experience

Arkup 40 represents the convergence of architectural innovation, environmental consciousness, and a desire for an extraordinary waterfront living experience. Embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and immerse yourself in a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle on the water with Arkup 40.

Client: Arkup
Realization: Sept 2023
Expertise: Architecture

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