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Floating theatre Lyon

Experience a unique cultural space in Lyon with the Theater L’Île Ô, Europe’s first floating theater, and a remarkable architectural masterpiece. This hybrid cultural space perfectly complements the river, serving as a symbol of Lyon’s cultural and environmental dynamism, making it a must-visit destination for years to come.

Constructed using modern and sustainable building material called Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), the Theater L’Île Ô boasts a stunning interior that showcases the natural beauty of wood. The playful design of six volumes reflects wooden blocks that add a sense of whimsy to the overall aesthetic, while the prismatic white facade beautifully reflects sunlight and creates a dazzling display of light and shadows. The reflection in the water surrounding it adds to the unique character of this cultural space.

The Theater L’Île Ô launches an artistic, eventful, citizen, and educational project. With a primary focus on awakening and training children and young people to the wonders of theater, this public interest project has gained the attention of Voies Navigables de France, the manager of the river public domain, which selected L’Île Ô as part of the project call reviewed in 2020, allocating a location on the Rhône in the city center of Lyon.

The theater has several spaces, including modular ones, to accommodate all the activities of the venue, such as two performance halls with 78 and 244 seats adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM), 245 m2 of modular spaces spread over three levels for catering, artistic workshops, professional training, and corporate events, and a 140 m2 rooftop.

The Theater L’Île Ô promises to deliver an exceptional cultural experience to all its visitors, showcasing the perfect fusion of modern construction techniques, playful design elements, and sustainable materials. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this unique and memorable experience.

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