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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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Watervilla De Hoef, The Netherlands

The dwelling is an amphibious structure, floating on water yet surrounded by land on three sides.

The clients asked for a simple, modern and open dwelling. In order to fully experience the border between land and water, transparency through the whole dwelling was taken as the design aim. In addition, the floor level of the living room was kept as close to garden and water-level as possible. Together with the large windows on either side of the living room,  this allows a direct view from the central area of the house to both the garden on one side, as well as the water on the other side. The situation on the border between water and land is made explicit in the dwelling – you literally live in between water and land. Viewed from the garden the transparent living room allows a clear view right through the dwelling to the water.

Realization: June 2006
Expertise: Architecture

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