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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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Study living on water

These studies were performed for the projectbureau Living on Water in Amsterdam. One studie focussed on dwellings at the Slotervaart-canal that were situated half on land and half in the water and can cope with a fluctuation in water-level of 20 centimeters. The characteristic shape of the building is finished in wood and opend itself to the surroundings via a large glass facade. The shape itself seems to float above the transparent lower floor. The upper floor of this split-level dwelling is the living floor, the lower floor contains sleeping- and service areas.

In another study Waterstudio investigated the possibility of using the canals in Amsterdam as dwelling-boulevards; a series of linked floating houses, the roof of which can be used for either parking or as a boulevard.

Client: Projectbureau Living on Water, Amsterdam
Expertise: Architecture

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