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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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The seapod is a remarkable floating home that presents a novel approach to sustainable ocean living. Its innovative design incorporates both mobility and stability, providing a versatile solution for those seeking to discover new locations and enjoy diverse views.

The seapod is supported by a pillar on a tripod floating base, which keeps it stable in shallow waters. For deeper waters, a semi-submersible spar foundation provides stability and support for the structure above. This unique design enables the seapod to be relocated to various locations, offering its residents a distinct housing solution that merges innovation and sustainability.

Moreover, the seapod features a range of eco-friendly elements, such as solar panels and innovative MEP systems, making it an environmentally conscious option for ocean housing.

Overall, the seapod provides a distinctive outlook on ocean living, blending innovation and sustainability to create a remarkable floating home.

Client: Ocean Builders
Expertise: Architecture

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