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Floating Private Restaurant

This innovative concept for a private floating restaurant revolves around the idea of seamlessly connecting a fluid and harmonious shape with functional elements to provide an exceptional experience for guests. Emphasizing both form and function, this unique project features pop-up elements including a sofa, dining table, bar stools, and an extendable net system, catering to various guest needs and ensuring a high level of flexibility in space and functionality.

At the bow of the platform, a dedicated utility section awaits, featuring a helm station, grill kitchen, bar, and bar counter. This thoughtful design ensures convenience without compromising the overall aesthetics of the floating restaurant. Privacy is upheld with discreet toilet facilities cleverly integrated within the platform’s hull, maintaining a visually seamless appeal.

Guests are invited to indulge in a truly distinctive dining experience, gracefully floating on the water within a private and stunning setting, savoring exceptional cuisine in this one of a kind design restaurant.

Client: Private
Year: 2023
Expertise: Architecture

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