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Confama Colombia

Comfama has been designated to build homes located in three Colombian departments: Antioquia, Córdoba and Sucre. We began the specific assessment of each region, finding out critical situations in the zone where the Cauca River converges with the Nechi River as well as in some areas on the Magdalena’s river streams. Flooding occurs twice a year there, causing serious damages on homes. It also causes the loss of harvests and animals that represent the source of daily sustenance for the people who live there.

The aim is to design an amphibious house, which satisfies architectural, functional and cost requirements. The house is supposed to be built in problematic area in Columbia, which is regularly flooded and does not offer standard conditions for living. The goal is to provide safe and affordable living for Colombian people in this area. The new dwellings will provide dignified standard of living and increase prosperity of local areas. The basic requirements have been roughly specified by Columbian non-profitable company Comfama, which has contacted Dutch parties for cooperation. This memo provides basic information related to requirements and conditions, which are necessary to be considered for initial design of structural elements of the amphibious house.

Client: Comfama
Expertise: Architecture

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