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Apartmentcomplex, Woubrugge, the Netherlands

Apartmentcomplex ‘Boathouse’ at Woubrugge brings history and modern waterdwelling together. Woubrugge has economically been … on shipbuilding until very late in the last century, and both in design as well as in the choice of materials this apartmentcomplex refers to these times. Dark wood and zinc roofs combined with glass result in a robust yet classy appearance. The complex consists of two groups of three buildings, arranged around two central courts. Each building contains two to four appartments. The dwellings at the sides are connected directly to the water by the livingroom, whereas the dwellings at the canal-side have the living-room raised above the boathouses. The interior courtyard offers parkingspace and has access to a ramp in the center of the boat-house.

The roofs are highest at the canal-side and decline towards the road. From the road the water can be seen right through the boathouse, which gives the complex a modest character.

Client: VDR-groep
Expertise: Architecture

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