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Moss floating tower, Norway

Introducing a design for a floating office located in Moss, just 60 km south of Oslo! Our team has meticulously crafted a layout for this workspace for the offshore engineering company 7waves, emphasizing its versatility and functionality.

Resting on a sturdy steel foundation engineered by 7waves, the floating office features a superstructure made from wood and CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber). The Moss location provides a tranquil and motivating work environment.

The platform spans approximately 50x50m, boasting a unique round shape, a draft of around 4 meters, and multiple stories on top.

Tailored to host a select number of companies, this floating office invites creative and flexible space arrangements. We aim to establish an inspiring and functional business hub in the heart of Moss.

As this project unfolds, it continues to redefine the boundaries of architectural innovation, sustainability, and workspace design. Stay tuned for the evolution of this dynamic endeavor by Waterstudio.

Client: Private
Expertise: Architecture

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