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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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7 floating watervillas in Urk

ABC Arkenbouw is realizing 7 large floating villas on a beautiful location in the spacious Oranjewijk on Urk.
In this water villas you can enjoy a magnificent view of the water at all times of the day and from all rooms in the house.
The design looks very stylish. Inside it is spacious and can be freely arranged according to everyone’s living requirements. Because of the contact with the water you have a permanent holiday feeling.

The floating homes are durable and perfectly insulated. This makes them very energy efficient.
The homes are designed and equipped with solar panels to decrease the energy consumption. It is good to know that the water villas comply with the Building Decree and therefore with all requirements that you set for comfortable living.
Next to your water villa you have your own private plot including storage and two parking spots.
You reach your floating home via a walkway with a fixed platform.

We have designed two types, both of which look stylish and playful.
The exterior of the water house consists of a combination of horizontal steel façade parts and low-maintenance wood. Together with the plastic frames, it gives the water villa a cool character. Large glass fronts offer a nice wide view on the waterfront. You walk onto the terrace from the living room.
For both types, the layout can be adjusted to your own family situation.
It is also possible to extend the terrace and / or to place a floating terrace of no less than 6x3m in the water.

Client: ABC Arkenbouw
Realization: October 2019
Expertise: Architecture - drijvende woningen Zeewolde - drijvende woningen Zeewolde - drijvende woningen Zeewolde
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