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Offshore architecture and marine urban sprawl

By Antony Funell
ABC Australia

Koen Olthuis will be a keynote speaker at ABC Australia at the 6th of October.

Our oceans and coastlines are of increasing interest to architects and engineers. There’s a new emphasis on land reclamation and building floating structures for everything from accommodation to marine farming to energy generation. The Russians have even launched a floating nuclear reactor.

Re-defining the use of the ocean is part of the emerging “blue economy” – one that can be both economically beneficial and environmentally responsible. How well can these often contradictory goals be reconciled?




Brydon Wang – Technology researcher and construction lawyer, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Katherine Dafforn – Senior lecturer, Environmental Science, Macquarie University

Dr Darren Kundy – Interim CEO Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre

Daniel Steadman – Marine Technical Specialist, Fauna and Flora International

Koen Olthuis – Architect, WaterStudio


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Koen Olthuis speaks at the UP Experience in Houston

The UP Experience, Oct 2012

Dutch-architect Koen Olthuis argues the future of some communities may be over water as climate change contributes to rising sea levels. The founder of architectural firm Waterstudio NL, Olthuis specialized in creating floating communities and cities. His UP Experience presentation, “A sustainable future on the waterfront,” elaborates on his plans and the potential need for buoyant buildings in the future.

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