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Floating Theater Lyon L’ile O wood construction award winner 2023

The floating theater in Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which is a award winner of 2023, is a structure that combines different technologies and materials to create a captivating artistic space.

The building’s primary technologies include:

Concrete Shell: The hull of the theater is constructed using concrete, which provides stability and durability to the floating structure. The concrete shell was created by a specialist from the Netherlands at the port of Lyon, ensuring the expertise required for such construction.

CLT Wooden Superstructure: CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) is used for the wooden superstructure of the theater. CLT is an innovative construction material made by layering and bonding timber boards together at right angles. This creates a strong and rigid structure that is also lightweight. The use of wood in the superstructure adds an organic and natural element to the theater’s design.

Waterproofing by Membrane: To protect the theater from water infiltration, a waterproof membrane is applied on five sides of the structure. This ensures that the theater remains watertight and can float safely on the water surface.

Sheet Steel Cladding: The outer cladding of the theater is made of sheet steel, which provides a protective and visually appealing layer. The steel cladding adds a modern and industrial touch to the overall design.

The choice of wood for the interior of the theater was driven by the artists’ desire for additional comfort and inspiration while expressing themselves. Wood is known for its organic character, warm color tones, unique shapes, and distinct scent. These qualities create a welcoming and immersive atmosphere for the artists and the audience, enhancing the overall experience within the wooden room.

By combining these technologies and materials, the floating theater in Lyon achieves a remarkable balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, creating a remarkable artistic space for performances and events.

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