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Floating Theater Lyon L’ile O wood construction award winner 2023

The floating theater in Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which is a award winner of 2023, is a structure that combines different technologies and materials to create a captivating artistic space.

The building’s primary technologies include:

Concrete Shell: The hull of the theater is constructed using concrete, which provides stability and durability to the floating structure. The concrete shell was created by a specialist from the Netherlands at the port of Lyon, ensuring the expertise required for such construction.

CLT Wooden Superstructure: CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) is used for the wooden superstructure of the theater. CLT is an innovative construction material made by layering and bonding timber boards together at right angles. This creates a strong and rigid structure that is also lightweight. The use of wood in the superstructure adds an organic and natural element to the theater’s design.

Waterproofing by Membrane: To protect the theater from water infiltration, a waterproof membrane is applied on five sides of the structure. This ensures that the theater remains watertight and can float safely on the water surface.

Sheet Steel Cladding: The outer cladding of the theater is made of sheet steel, which provides a protective and visually appealing layer. The steel cladding adds a modern and industrial touch to the overall design.

The choice of wood for the interior of the theater was driven by the artists’ desire for additional comfort and inspiration while expressing themselves. Wood is known for its organic character, warm color tones, unique shapes, and distinct scent. These qualities create a welcoming and immersive atmosphere for the artists and the audience, enhancing the overall experience within the wooden room.

By combining these technologies and materials, the floating theater in Lyon achieves a remarkable balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, creating a remarkable artistic space for performances and events.

Documentary about Floating Cities – Creative Ideas to Combat Climate Change

“Exploring the Future: The Rise of Floating Cities” is a documentary that delves into the emergence of floating cities as a response to rising sea levels caused by climate change. The film highlights the visionary efforts of different experts, including Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio, who is constructing a sustainable floating city in the Maldives, utilizing seawater for cooling purposes. While showcasing the potential of floating cities, the documentary also explores the challenges and complexities involved, such as engineering requirements, socio-economic considerations, and potential impacts on ecosystems. Through captivating visuals and expert analysis, the film provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of this cutting-edge architectural movement and its potential to reshape urban living in the face of the climate crisis.

Planet E – Floating Cities

Sea levels are rising due to climate change. Many coastal cities are at growing risk of flooding. Architects are trying to react to this development with new ideas, such as floating cities. Architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio is constructing a floating city in the Maldives, sustainably cooled with sea water.

The Sale of the first Royal Waterlofts floating houses in Zeewolde has begun

Royal waterlofts floating houses for sale

We are happy to announce the launch of sales for water residences at Blauwe Diamant in Zeewolde. This extraordinary development offers an unparalleled water experience with private moorings and direct access to Wolderwijd and other recreational water routes.

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable features of these residences, which have earned them the well-deserved title of Royal Waterlofts! With their soaring 3-meter high ceilings and flexible floor plans, these homes redefine the standard of luxury living.

The ground floor’s open layout, adorned with expansive glass facades, invites an abundance of natural light, creating a seamless connection between the interiors and the picturesque surroundings. This distinctive design element truly sets the Royal Waterlofts apart.

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of the delightful spacious garden, where you’ll discover ample space for an outdoor kitchen and a cozy, secluded lounge area. Enjoy ultimate privacy and unwind in style in this tranquil oasis.

Moreover, the splendid terrace overlooking the glistening waters of the Blauwe Diamant offers breathtaking views, allowing you to savor every moment of this remarkable location.

With only 10 of these remarkable water residences available, now is the perfect time to secure your place in this exclusive community. Don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the unique water lifestyle.

To learn more about the  water residences, Royal Waterlofts, we invite you to visit the website of Balance d’eau. Discover the epitome of luxury waterfront living at Blauwe Diamant in Zeewolde!

Sales website:

Radio NPO1 – Het woningtekort vraagt om creatieve oplossingen

Het woningtekort vraagt om creatieve oplossingen. “Kleine creatieve oplossingen zetten geen zoden aan de dijk, we moeten over de dijk het water op!”

The housing shortage demands creative solutions. “Small creative solutions won’t make a significant impact, we need to go over the dike and onto the water!”

Construction started of Overwater house Braassemermeer

Construction has begun on the Overwater Villa Braasemermeer, a stunning architectural masterpiece situated on the picturesque Braasemermeer. The first beams have been put in place, and this unique house is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind.

Featuring a distinctive design, the villa boasts a shell-like facade, floor, and roof made of zinc, with ample glass and wood elements offering unparalleled views of the lake. The main living area is spacious and luxurious, thanks to its double-height ceiling, while the bedrooms and bathroom are discreetly tucked away behind the wooden facade, ensuring privacy and comfort.

From the villa’s vantage point, you can soak in the breathtaking views of the serene lake and its surroundings. A one-of-a-kind dwelling that seamlessly blends nature and modern architecture.

CNN – A floating city in the Maldives begins to take shape

Designed in a pattern similar to brain coral, the city will consist of 5,000 floating units including houses, restaurants, shops and schools, with canals running in between. The first units will be unveiled this month, with residents starting to move in early 2024, and the whole city is due to be completed by 2027.

Waterstudio proposes the Maldives Floating City as a solution to rising sea levels

By Mens Gear


At the rate things are going these days, the effects of climate change may show up sooner than we think. Those in territories with land that is below or just slightly above sea level need to consider their options. With experts predicting rising water levels in the years to come, the Maldives Floating City is a clever solution.This is similar to the Oceanix Busan concept we featured before. Waterstudio is coordinating with the Republic of Maldives to come up with this visionary project. For years, researchers have been pointing out that the archipelagic country is one of many that will experience the aftermath of melting polar ice caps.Although there is still a chance to stop climate change, the Maldives Floating City is a remarkable backup plan, nonetheless. The architecture group’s proposal will build hexagonal floating platforms that will interconnect to form an artificial island city in the shape of a brain.Approximately 5,000 low-rise structures will become homes for up to 20,000 locals. Maldives officials are apparently accepting foreigners who want to live in a tropical paradise. The location is a 200-hectare lagoon in the middle of the Indian Ocean.From the capital of Male, tourists can visit the Maldives Floating City by boat. All it takes is a 10-minute ride. The studio states, “this first-of-its-kind island city offers a revolutionary approach to modern sustainable living perched against a backdrop of the azure Indian Ocean.”For now, predictions indicate that if climate change continues, the country will be uninhabitable by the year 2100. Those behind the Maldives Floating City project claim that people can move in by 2024. Are any of you willing to relocate here as well?click here for source websiteClick here for source pdf
Waterstudio - Maldives Floating City
Waterstudio - Maldives Floating City
Waterstudio - Maldives Floating City
Waterstudio - Maldives Floating City
Waterstudio - Maldives Floating City

A vízen lebegő épületek mindig izgalmasak, ez a folyón úszó színház pedig még meglepően tágas is odabent.

By Ujlaky István


A holland Waterstudio – ahogy a neve is mondja – a vízen lebegő épületekre szakosodott, de szerencsére nemcsak olyan megaprojektekkel foglalkozik, mint az elmúlt hónapokban bejelentett hipermodern úszóházak Panama északi partjainál vagy a Maldív-szigetekre tervezett, emberi agyat idéző úszó város.

Szerencsére tehát foglalkoznak kisebb léptékű épületekkel is, mint például az idén év elején átadott úszó színház Lyon 7. kerületében, a Rhône partján, a Gallieni híd és a Leclerc sugárút találkozásánál.

A színházat a L’île O kulturális egyesület számára tervezték, a Patadôme Théâtre d’Irigny támogatásával, elsősorban próbákhoz és a fiatalabb korosztálynak szóló előadásokhoz.

Önmagában is extravagáns a geometrikus burkolati elemekből felépülő külső homlokzat, de talán még meglepőbb, mennyire tágasnak tűnik a nézőtér belülről – legalábbis a fényképek alapján.

A Waterstudio tehát továbbra is aktív, és teljesen biztosak vagyunk abban, hogy találkozunk még a terveikkel, akár a legváratlanabbakkal is.

Click here for source pdf

Click here for website

Maldives Floating City reinvents living in a water world

By Laura Cowan
A circular area filled with a floating city within

This design was in line with the concept of living with nature and learning to improve and respect natural coral. Furthermore, Maldives is the global center for coral protection.

A rendering of seating area amidst palm trees

Therefore, the housing are “scarless developments” because of their attempt to not damage the environment on which they are built. Sustainability of the new community is also a top priority, with the developers finding new methods to “interact in a durable way with our surroundings.”

In specific focus here is how to increase sustainability using water. Maldives Floating City is a development of Dutch Docklands in partnership with the Government of Maldives. Masterplan architect for the project was Waterstudio from the Netherlands. The location: a lagoon close to the capital Male and the International Airport at over 500 acres in size.

Boats docks at a harbor

Additionally, the city is mixed use, with residential, hotels, shopping and restaurants located within the grid. Sales will start soon, and expressions of interest can be made on the city’s website. Most importantly, this is the first floating city with thousands of houses with full governmental support that allows for legal title deeds for owners. The floating city also offers the possibility to obtain a residence permit with the purchase of a house, which means internationals can live here semi permanently in Maldives.

On the other hand, the design of the homes was inspired by the history of this seafaring nation in the tropics. The city is designed as a boating community, using canals as the main infrastructure for shipping and travel. Land-based travel is restricted to walking, biking and noise-free electric scoots, with no cars allowed.

Colorful houses in a neighborhood rendering

The Maldives Floating City also has green technology, including a smart grid that responds to dynamic demand, weather and climate change. Sustainable development technologies protect the marine ecosystem.

All in all, the city aims to create new habitat for the marine ecosystem it is built on rather than destroying it. New artificial coral banks will be attached to the underside of the city, which can help coral attach and grow naturally. The coral reefs of the lagoon, in turn, act as a natural wave breaker to protect against storm damage.

click here for source website

Click here for project

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