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Architecture, urban planning and research in, on and next to water
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Grow With The Coast Masterplan, Xiao Meisha, China

One of the core principles of our proposed master plan is the concept of floating, scarless buildings that seamlessly integrate with nature. Our vision is to rent space from nature without leaving any lasting marks or scars even after a century of existence. In line with this principle, we aim to incorporate underwater eco structures, further enhancing the ecological balance.

The essence of our concept lies in the formation of floating islands that resemble the grandeur of coral growth on a larger scale, growing on the water in phases. These islands, with their rounded shape and towers, harmoniously blend with the surrounding water and fulfill the need to add more public waterfront.

The masterplan is divided into five distinct zones, each consisting of a collection of floating towers and islands that can gradually expand and evolve into a larger interconnected masterplan over time. These zones of floating towers, create a dynamic interplay between solid and fluid elements. Notably, the islands’ design extends below the water’s surface, forming a unique additional ecosystem. This underwater habitat serves as an artificial environment that not only preserves but also nurtures the existing ecosystem, ensuring its vitality and growth.

By embracing this holistic approach, we strive to create a truly exceptional and sustainable living environment in Xiao Meisha.

Client: Yantian District Government, Shenzhen
Year: 2019
Expertise: Urban planning

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