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By Archi Expo

An elegant waterfront residence built around transparency

With its location on a rural plot of land in Westland, the Netherlands, the Villa New Water’s construction came with a strict set of regulations. The home was allowed only a limited volume above ground level, so Koen Olthuis of Dutch architecture firm Waterstudio worked with the regulations to create a low profile residence that complements and absorbs its surroundings.

By creating a second level below ground, the architects were able to create extra surface area without building vertically. One of the principal challenges thus became getting light into the lower level. The home is built around the idea of transparency, both inside and out.

Free from doors and partitions, the interior spaces flow into one another. The ground level houses the living area, including a centerpiece kitchen, while below ground is the master bedroom, children’s room, wellness area and lounge. All of the furniture was equally designed by Koen Olthuis.

Semi-closed outside spaces act as a continuation of the both interior and exterior, bridging the gap between inside and out. The inside leads to patios that give way to the green slope leading to the water.

The exterior is equally transparent. A white corian structure creates the framework for large portions of glass facade that take full advantage of daylight and the views. Semi-transparent wood panels alternate with the opaque corian and transparent glass.

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