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Incredible sustainable floating villa has everything you need – but it comes at a price

By Mirror reporter

The Arkup is a glamorous way to live a life at sea – as long as you can afford it.

Imagine living inside a fully sustainable floating villa – pretty cool right?

Take that and move it to the middle of nowhere and you’ll get the Arkup.

The Arkup is a floating yacht that uses 119 solar panels on its roof to store electricity.

Stored in 182 kilowatt battery packs, it can then be used for air conditioning, appliances and manning the vessel for up to 3 days on a full charge.

It can also collect 4000 gallons of rainwater and filter it for everyday use.

In the event of adverse weather , the floating yacht can lift itself out of the water by 18 feet at the press of the button.

Hydraulic spuds built into the four pillars anchor the villa in place and category 4 hurricane resistant windows can withstand winds up to 155mph.

The solar power villa fetches a high price

It’s even suitable for hurricanes

Think you could settle for a life at sea? Then you better start saving as the Arkup comes at a price.

Starting at £4.27 million unfurnished, the Arkup is supposedly the first of its kind: A luxury floating villa with all amenities included and there are no bills.

There is a total of 4350 square feet of living space across two floors with four beds and four and a half bathrooms.

On portside there is a retractable deck that can be used as extra floorspace when the villa is docked and slides into the hull when the Arkup is seaborne.

Just around to the stern, there is a lifting platform that can take passengers down to the water for a dip. There is also an outdoor shower equipped so you can wash off.

Inside what would be the “galley” is the main living space with shared kitchen and living room area. The kitchen comes fully equipped and even comes with a wine fridge.

Just opposite, a full size living room extends out over the view with full surround sound and large flat screen TV.

The living room offers amazing views

The master bedroom comes with its own bathtub

Around the corner from the kitchen is a separate bathroom and laundry area with double washing machines for large loads.

There is also an area for crew members that comes equipped with its own bathroom and foldout bunkbeds.

Up the stairs on the upper floor there are 3 bedrooms.

One guest bedroom has its own private terrace and double sinked bathroom.

All bedrooms boast incredible views through their floor to ceiling windows on the portside of the villa and the master bedroom even has a bathtub installed in the corner.

There is also a master bathroom with two walk in showers, of course.

To find out more about the Arkup you can visit their website.

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