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Come as you are

By Müller Möbel

Space is becoming increasingly scarce in our densely built-up cities. Urban living therefore requires new architectural concepts as well as modularly designed furniture that saves space and flexibly meets the most diverse requirements.


Some people consider furniture purely as a commodity: a table is therefore a table, a chair is a chair and a cupboard is simply a cupboard. We think it can be a bit more. That‘s why we also see furniture as a problem solver. And as a source of ideas that suggest, for example, how to live happily in confined spaces. Almost legendary is our stacking bed by Rolf Heide, which can be stacked on top of each other in a simple and space-saving way and can be used as an extra guest bed if required. The modern classic made of laminated wood embodies our understanding of design in a special way: timeless, minimalist design, puristic materials and intelligent functionality that creates new perspectives for a wide range of situations in an uncomplicated manner. The same idea is also followed by the Konnex shelf system, designed by Florian Gross and awarded by the German Design Council, which can be constantly redesigned and organized with its innovative plug-in principle. Different numbers of individual boxes can be modularly added to an individual storage space. As a flexible solution for people who are mobile and always feel like change.

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