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Citadel, The Netherlands

SURMOUNT, Mar 2012


ISBN: 9787561847053
Pages: 736p
Size: 245mm*325mm
Printing: Full Color
Publishing Time: May, 2013
Language: Chinese and English


This is a chaotic and complicated information age, in which people are overwhelmed by large amount of mixed information from all times around the world. Now the distinct line between time and space becomes hazy; classic and avant-garde turn to be short-lived. People get tired and lost under the fast changing of aesthetics, value, life style, and etc. If residential design is a lifestyle customization which will fix someone’s living way, its key words should be how to balance the relationship among society, human and family.
* Nowadays, China and many developing countries are in the high-speed developing period, referring to not only economy, but also rapid changing in value and aesthetics for growth of knowledge and culture. How can residential design not only serve local people, but also satisfy international needs, not only reflect the features of times, but also back to people-orientation? This requires designers pay more attention to society and broaden their knowledge. Residence design has exceeded its own meaning and value; it not only has fundamental and completed functions, but also need to have more added values in order to reflect the significance of the various levels, meet the changing trends and get close to the modern people on the present and spiritual needs for future living space.
* Surmount Style+Copy has selected elaborately more than 80 outstanding works in major cities around the world designed by certain famous architects to fully demonstrate the tendency of global residence design. Architecture itself is an embodiment of thinking, which will show different meanings by different readers. We only have an analysis in basic aspects of façade, structure, ecology and sustainability, more deeper discoveries are waiting you to find in the book.

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