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4 Reasons why you should buy your own personalised floating island

By Boat,


1. You can customise your private island

The world of private island real estate could be about to dramatically change as Christie’s International has announced a partnership with Dutch Docklands to construct a series of atolls across the globe.

Looking for a secluded island paradise? Discover what Amillarah Private Islands will have to offer:

You can customise your island

Always wanted your own private island but never found one that quite fits your exacting criteria? Panic not as it is possible to customise your island to your wishes.

Dan Conn, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate. “Buyers are able to customize the size, shape and style of their residence.”

Rick Moeser, the firm’s senior vice president, added: “Each of these homes is an eco-friendly work of art that can be lived in, allowing consumers to not only create, but enjoy whatever kind of paradise they desire.”

2. You can choose the location of your private island

Not only can you customise the design of your island, but you also get to decide where it is located. Maldives? Miami? Dubai? New York? Simply take your pick.

The project is going to start with 10 islands being built in Maldives in a lagoon, which is only a 35-minute transfer by boat from the airport. So whilst you’re exploring the Maldives next, stop by your own private island. In addition, there are already agreements signed in Dubai and Miami and other locations are currently being sought out.

3. Your island will be eco-friendly

With increasing threats to the world’s oceans, it is reassuring to know that the islands will be created using the latest state-of-the-art green technology.

The base of the island is designed to last for more than 100 years and will create a new habitat for sea life to live underneath. The project has teamed up with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society to work out better ways to enhance these new ocean habitats.

4.Your island will be constructed using the best in Dutch design

As we know from the superyacht industry, the Dutch are pretty good at creating things that float. Founded in 2005, Dutch Docklands are experts in floating developments, concepts and infrastructure. Using The Netherlands’ experience from the battle against rising water levels the company will create the islands that will be “self-sustainable and safe from rising sea levels”.

“We have not only created a new luxury global brand with Amillarah Private Islands but also a new industry of private island development to cater to our most discerning clients,” said Paul van de Camp, CEO of Dutch Docklands.

All pictures courtesy of Christie’s International

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Christie’s to Sell the World’s First Portable Private Islands

By Jim Dobson


Christie’s International Real Estate has announced a new initiative to build self-sufficient and eco-friendly private islands around the world for consumers looking for a unique residential opportunity. The world’s first truly portable private islands.

Amillarah Private Islands will allow guests to make their own self-sufficient island and determine its location anywhere in the world. Brands often provide luxury services by adhering to the consumer’s every wish, and Christie’s, along with its partner Dutch Docklands, will be bringing both luxury real estate and customization to a new level with these islands.

“This partnership with Dutch Docklands fits in perfectly with our strategy,” said Michael Sherman, vice president of corporate communications, Christie’s International Real Estate, New York.

Amillarah Miami Island rendering

Amillarah Miami Island rendering

A private island to call your own may sound like a fantasy or a lifelong dream, but with Amillarah Private Islands it is a reality.

Amillarah has created unique tailor-made floating residences designed by famed Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, who was named one of the most influential people by Time Magazine. These completely self-sustainable floating islands are free from environmental impact, safe from rising sea levels, and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life.

Create your own private paradise wherever you want. Not only can you customize the size, shape, and style of your floating residence, but you get to choose where you want it to be located. Miami? Maldives? Dubai? New York?

Amillarah Miami Island rendering

Amillarah Miami Island rendering

Amillarah is the creative vision of expert developer Dutch Docklands. Founded in 2005 by Paul H.T.M. van de Camp and Koen Olthuis, this innovative company is based on hundreds of years of Dutch expertise or “Know-H2OW” in water defense technology and management.

For hundreds of years the Dutch have lead the world in water defense technology, which is why Amillarah Private Islands’ developers Dutch Docklands was the perfect fit to develop these luxury, floating islands. Working globally in cooperation with Christie’s and famed oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society charity, this is the ultimate team.

Amillarah Private Island rendering

Amillarah Private Island rendering

Whether you prefer a romantic styled island surrounded by natural green, your own tropical island with white sandy beaches or a modern urban contemporary styled island, it is up to the buyer.

Amillarah Private Islands are self-sufficient, scarless developments with the latest state-of-the-art green technology, which keeps their environmental impact at a minimum.

Completely stable on the water, the base of the island is built to last for far over 100 years and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life.

Amillarah Maldives Island rendering

Amillarah Maldives Island rendering


In one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Maldives, the company is developing in a Joint Venture with the Government of Maldives 10 Amillarah Private Islands. The breathtaking lagoon is only a 25-minute boat transfer away from the airport. The islands will all be designed with a maximum of privacy and luxury in mind, giving the owners the ultimate get-away-from-it-all.

Amillarah Dubai Island rendering

Amillarah Dubai Island rendering


The company has signed a deal with OQYANA Real Estate for a total of 33 Amillarah Private Islands within the OQYANA WORLD FIRST developments on ‘The World Islands’ project in Dubai.

The deal was inked in Dubai between Ali O Alghannam, CEO of OQYANA Real Estate and Paul van de Camp, CEO of Dutch Docklands, in the presence of Zeyad Abdullatif Janahi, the Chairman of OQYANA Real Estate Company.

Amillarah Maldives Island rendering

Amillarah Maldives Island rendering


Connected to the Inter Coastal and the Ocean, a 175 acre Lake will be the scene of the first Amillarah Private Islands in the United States.

30 Amillarah Private Islands and a VIP amenity island will service the rich and famous of the Miami upper crust while providing the ultimate bragging rights.

Private boat service, butlers and a well-trained island staff ensure a luscious stay at one of the world’s most talked about developments in recent decade. The Miami islands will be surrounded by the upscale nightlife, restaurants , shopping and entertainment this ultimate destination has to offer.

Amillarah Dubai Island rendering

Amillarah Dubai Island rendering

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Green light for Dubai’s first private floating islands

By Parag Deulgaonkar
Emirates 24|7


Oqyana World First to have 33 floating houses with own beach, garden and pool

Oqyana Real Estate and Amillarah Private Islands will create will be 33 luxury floating private islands with each having a garden, pool and beach. (Supplied)

Dubai-based Nakheel has given the go-ahead to the developer of the floating islands, which are part of Oqyana World First, on The World, an artificial archipelago of over 300 islands, according to the project developers.

“Nakheel has now granted our project with all the necessary permits in order to take the next step,” Oqyana Real Estate and Amillarah Private Islands said in a joint statement.

The developer claims it was the ‘first’ floating project ‘officially approved’ on The World, which has been developed by Nakheel, a wholly-owned government entity.

In January 2015, the two companies signed a deal to create a series of floating private islands as part of the project located on Australasia.

There will be 33 luxury floating private islands with each having a garden, pool and beach.

“We are offering floating private islands, tailor made to the clients specifications, based on our Dutch heritage of hundreds of years of working with the water,” Paul van de Camp, CEO, Amillarah, told Emirates 24|7.

“We do not want to start any sales before all permits are granted and all technical details are engineered.”

Completely stable on the water, the base of the island is built to last for far over 100 years and will create a new underwater habitat for sea life, the company states, adding, it is building similar islands in Maldives and in Miami in the US.

Oqyana World First comprises high-end villas, apartments, hospitality and retail elements.

In May 2015, this website reported that Kleindienst Group, developer of the Heart of Europe development on The World, had sold 35 of 42 Dh6.5-million ‘floating seahorses’, which will have the master bedroom and bathroom totally submerged underwater, to Gulf Cooperation Council nationals, Europeans and Indians.

The World

The World project is nine-kilometres wide and seven-kilometres long.

It covers an area of 931 hectares and will add 232km to Dubai’s natural 67km of beachfront.

The islands range from 150,000 to 450,000 square feet in size.

The project is divided into private estate island zones, commercial zones, which have low/mid/high density resorts, hubs for ferry transfer points and public visitor areas.

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Stjernearkitekter vil bygge flytende luksushotell i Tromsø

By Nordnytt



Tromsø kommune har i dag signert en intensjonsavtale med selskapet Dutch Docklands om å bygge et flytende hotell utenfor byen.

Avtalen betyr at kommunen stiller seg positiv til at det femstjerners luksushotellet skal bygges i Tromsø.

Det nederlandske selskapet Dutch Docklands har planer om å bruke 500 millioner kroner på luksushotellet, som skal utformes som en flytende iskrystall, og inneholde 86 rom.

– Vi planlegger å bygge det mest luksuriøse hotellet i den nordlige delen av verden. Det vil bli et unikt femstjerners hotell som vil gi gjestene en opplevelse med nordlyset, men også andre aspekter av Norge og av denne delen av verden, sier Paul van de Camp administrerende direktør i Dutch Docklands.

Selskapet er eksperter på flytende konstruksjoner, og har tidligere blant annet bygget luksushotell på Maldivene.

For pengesterke gjester

Han sier at Tromsø ble valgt på grunn av historien sin, men også på grunn av at byen allerede har utbygd infrastruktur når det kommer til turisme.

– Er det et marked for et slikt hotell?

– Det vil bli et lite hotell, men i den øvre enden av skalaen. Det betyr at romprisene vil bli høyere enn det som allerede finnes på markedet i Tromsø. Vi retter oss mot folk som er villig til å betale for et visst komfortnivå og for å få opplevelser i nordlige strøk. Det er et enormt globalt marked for dette, sier van de Camp.

Nå skal selskapet samarbeide med kommunen om å få på plass de nødvendige tillatelsen, og finne ut hvor det flytende hotellet skal ligge.

Hvor og hvordan det skal bygges er ennå ikke avklart.

– Vi ønsker vanligvis å få gjort mest mulig av dette lokalt. Vi vet at norske håndverkere er kjent for å holde en høy standard, akkurat som nederlandske. Det viktigste for oss er kvaliteten på arbeidet, og får vi dette til lokalt, så støtter vi det, sier van de Camp.

Kommunen positiv

– Vi har skrevet under på en avtale om at vi er positive til at dette hotellet kommer til Tromsø kommune for å etablere seg her. Vi kan bistå med kartmateriale, og når de har funnet fram til hvor de vil at hotellet skal ligge, så kan vi ha et oppstartsmøte, sier Britt Hege Alvarstein byråd for byutvikling i Tromsø kommune.

Hun sier at kommunen nå driver med en revidering av kommuneplanen og en kystsoneplan for Tromsø.

– Vi har ikke tatt høyde for at vi skal ha et flytende hotell i kommunen, så det må vi nå ta høyde for, sier Alvarstein.

Plan- og bygningsloven, reguleringsplaner og ikke minst skipsleden i Tromsø blir førende for hvor hotellet kan ligge, men det blir trolig i en av fjordene rundt byen.


– Selskapet har sagt at de ønsker at hotellet skal ligge rundt en times reise unna flyplassen, sier Alvarstein.

Hun peker på at selskapet bak hotellet har en miljøprofil og blant annet samarbeide med UNESCO for å ta vare på miljøet rundt og under der de bygger, så de lager minst mulig fotavtrykk i naturen.

– Det er spennende teknologi som tas i bruk, og ets pennende prosjekt på alle områder, sier Alvarstein.

– Er det ikke allerede nok hotellrom i Tromsø?

– Vi så både under sjakk-OL og Arctic Race at det ikke var rom å oppdrive, så kommunen har ennå behov for flere hotellrom. Men dette er jo et marked som kommer utenom det vanlige. Det vil være med på å forsterke det eksisterende tilbudet i byen, mener Alvarstein.

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