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Luxury Anywhere, Anytime! Floating Private Islands By Koen Olthuis

By Jesse James
Stupid Dope

Traveling is fun and all, but sometimes you just want to be on your own private island; right? Well today we get a unique way to do exactly that, take a vacation on your own private island; The Floating Private Islands By Koen Olthuis. This unique and rather eye-catching design plays host to some creative concepts, which not only serves as some stunning spots to vacation, but also creates new underwater habitats for nearby sea life.

The design allows you to choose what type of home or facility you want on your island, as well as where it will be located. The customizable design offers luxury and an eco-friendly design that is sure to provide a unique and rather lavish retreat. Have a look at these sleek and quite bold concepts in the images below and above and speak your mind on it after the jump. For more information head over here immediately, and start stacking now!

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