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Maldives plans a floating tourist paradise, including an18-hole golf course, FOX News

FOX News, Aug 2012

Designers have revealed plans for a tourist paradise in the Maldives made up of floating islands that will include hotels, a convention center, a yacht club and a floating golf course.

The Daily Mail reports that the floating 18-hole state-of-the-art golf course and conference center complex will resemble a starfish from above and will be built within circular reefs where guests can dive right from the beach.

The futuristic designs are part of a massive plan to replace the sinking Maldives -which is made up of 1,192 islands in the Indian Ocean – and includes an underwater club house and a system of tunnels that will connect a network of article islands.

The Dutch firm Waterstudio working with the architectural firm Dutch Docklands conceived of the plan to build the floating islands that will rise with the sea. The islands will reportedly be carbon neutral and will be attached to the sea floor with cables or mooring piles, so as not to disrupt the sea life.

Working with the Maldives government, the project involves over 80 million sq.ft of water of floating building and living space. In addition to a planned hotel and “workers islands,” the artificial chain will feature 43 private islands and rental submarines that can enter your living room from underneath, designers say.

The Daily Mail reports that the new islands will be built in India or the Middle East and towed south to be installed.

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