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Could you live in a floating neighbourhood?

By Better World Solutions

Koen Olthuis is the founder of the Dutch architectural firm Dutch Docklands, that specializes in floating structures to counter concerns and impact of floods due to climate change and rising sea levels.

Climate change and rising river/coast levels: forget houseboats, try floating communities. The newest trend in real estate: building a home on top the water.


Floating communities

During his UP presentation — A Sustainable Future on the Waterfront — Koen shared his vision for literally building entire communities — and cities — that float! He studied architecture and industrial design at the Delft University of Technology, and has a patent on the methodology for producing a “floating base.”


In 2007, Koen was listed as one of “the most influential people in the world” in a readers’ poll by TIME magazine due to the worldwide interest in water developments. The French magazine Terra Eco chose him as one of the “100 green persons that will change the world” in 2011.

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